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Window Cleaning

* High-rise window cleaning   
* Waterfed pole up to 6 stories 
* Fly screen & Frame cleaning   
* High sign cleaning 
* High cob web removal 
* Colonial windows and lead-lighting 
* Attic and atrium window cleaning 

Pressure Cleaning

* Commercial & residential pressure cleaning
* Concrete and driveway cleaning
* Graffiti Removal
* High pressure paver cleaning
* Facade and sign cleaning
* Gum removal
* High pressure cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

* Steam and dry cleaning 
* Powerful Truck mount machines   
* Flood restoration 
* Tile and grout cleaning 
* Stain removal specialist 
* Pet stain & odour treatment experts 
* Rug and upholstery cleaning

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"Creating positive reflections"

Great first impressions start with Megashine Call your local friendly operators at Megashine, offering a full range of cleaning services including, pressure cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning and much more create a positive impression with a full range of cleaning solutions tailored to your needs and budget.

High rise cleaning no problem We have many safe and affordable access methods to access difficult areas safely, easily and cost effectively.

Free quotes - same day Flexible operating hours allows us to work within your schedule offering convenience and allowing your to meet deadlines

Safety is paramount - Megashine is committed to providing safe work environments. All operators are fully insured JSEA’s created and procedures are implemented to ensure OH&S and work cover compliance.

Modern fully equipped vans service many Melbourne business and residential customers, manned by trained, uniformed operators to complete your job safely, on time and to your satisfaction.

The expert operators at Megashine are fully trained to safely and effectively clean residential and commercial properties including, house, high rise buildings, small and large offices, aged care facilities, hotels and hospitals. Our highly trained, uniformed operators will carry out the job, promptly, safely, and professionally, guaranteed! Call us today for a free quote on 0412 673 366

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Great first impressions start with Megashine cleaning services. Call your local friendly operators at Megashine

Offering Melbourne a full range of cleaning services tailored to your budget including, pressure cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning and much more

Our operators are fully insured and trained in effective cleaning solutions and safety procedures to ensure the best results and a safe environment for you and your customers. 20 years of experience and a commitment to providing quality services means we can provide fantastic results at affordable prices. Megashine window cleaning are experts at high rise, difficult to reach windows and multi access solutions.

Fully Insured - Licensed for: Work at heights - Confined spaces - Boom and scissor lift

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